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You don't know where to go on a romantic trip? Want to spend time together or do you honeymoon?

Verona is the city of lovers, where the most famous love story of a passionate young Romeo and Juliet. No wonder Verona is called "the little Rome", because each building is not only breathing Shakespearean history, but could easily claim the monument of history. The company TransferMilane will provide you transfer service from Verona airport in the most comfortable environment, with us your journey will be pleasant and safe. Spend your best holiday in Italy!


How to reach Verona: transfer from Verona airport

Verona is located in the North of Italy, and a few airports are ready to meet their guests. If you want to book a taxi from Verona airport we can offer you the car with a polite driver.

In addition, is located in the centre of the road network throughout Italy. Therefore, from Verona you can easily reach the resorts on the lakes or go on a tour. The company TransferMilane offers a Shuttle service to Verona and beyond, and as you a car, with which you will be able to explore all the neighborhoods of Verona, or go to the nearest resort. You may not want to follow the road or you have no rights? Transfer to Verona will be the perfect way to visit Bologna, Venice and the magnificent lake Garda.

Shopping in Verona

It would seem that the shopping should go to Milan. However, do not be upset if You decided to relax in Verona, because of the attractions here a lot more, and the city itself is a cultural and historical heritage of many centuries. In Verona fashionistas will find boutiques with famous brands, and tourists will be able to purchase the magnets, traditional leather products, which is so famous Verona wines and other Souvenirs. And to shop in the boutiques of famous brands.

5 things that simply must be done, if fate has brought You to Verona

1. Visit Juliet's House and stand on the balcony, or well, Powys on it, feeling like a hero of a famous Shakespearean play.

2. Down in the crypt of the Basilica of San Zeno Maggiore, where it is dark and scary, and then scared to climb into the sunlight and sincerely to rejoice in him.

3. To take the time and head to lake Garda, which is a real Paradise with water sports and a huge number of attractions.

4. Rent one of the oldest estates in Verona or in the surroundings, and even a couple of days to feel like a real Italian.

5. Come to the area of Erba, where stands a famous monument to Victor Emanuele and hide from the sun on a hot Italian day.

You made your choice and decided to visit romantic Verona? Have you thought about how you will get from the airport? Who wants painful wait for a transport after a long trip or to pay local taxi drivers? Choose TransferVMilane! Transfer service from Verona airport: the driver will meet You at the airport and transfer you to your destination. Taxi from Verona airport may cost You a tidy sum, and will have to wait a long time. TransferVMilane a reliable company – get maximum pleasure from a trip to Italy and we will take care of transportation!

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