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Want to enjoy the scenery of Italy?

Lake Maggiore will not disappoint your expectations! The literal translation from Italian means a Big lake. Unique Maggiore fact that it washes the shores of Italy and Switzerland. The mountain range of the Alps creates a beautiful view and harboring Maggiore from the outside world, creating a mild climate. If you find that moment, when the fog descends from the mountains, you get the impression that you are in a fairyland.


Breathtaking scenery, magical views of the lake, the Botanical gardens of lake Maggiore each year attract large number of tourists. If you love to soak up the sun, You will have to get used to the idea that You will be surrounded by a large number of people who come in season from may to October. At this time the temperature ranges between 22 and 29, reaching its peak in the summer months. But the Lake Marjorie is not luxurious beaches and crystal clear water, it is also Windsurfing, horseback riding, Hiking, as well as to see the colorful sights of Italy.


How to get to resorts on lake Maggiore

If You are traveling in Switzerland, You can reach the resort by train. If Your choice is Italy, it is more convenient to transfer or use the car rental service that will not hamper Your movement and will be able to enjoy the beautiful landscape. The road from Milan to Como takes about an hour, during which you will be able to enjoy nature, which is gorgeous at any time of the year.


That is a must see resorts Maggiore

One of the main attractions of the Maggiore is Stresa. This city still keeps the history of the last century. If You want to see the architecture and culture of Italy, carefully preserved traditions and cultural values of their country.

The wonderful city of Verbania is the capital town of Verbano, where the annual festival of the arts. Tourists will certainly appeal to the extraordinary Botanical gardens of Villa Taranto.

One of the most interesting attractions of the Maggiore is the monastery of Santa Caterina del SASO, which is the actual floating in the air, because it is built on a cliff. The beauty of the building is striking, and no less mysterious history of the monastery. However, getting there is quite difficult because of its location.

If You want to explore the resorts Maggiore deeper, beyond the Steza and Verbania, You can use the services of buses or take a car rental. The company transfer service Milan will do everything possible to ensure You get the most vivid impressions from a trip to Italy. We wish You a happy and easy way!

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