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Want to explore the attractions of Italy? Lake Garda is a wonderful choice! 

In this article we will tell You about the resort of Garda how to get there from Verona and other nearby cities.Garda is a favorite resort of the Italians since time immemorial. This is an elite resort, where virtually every step possible to meet celebrities on a global scale. Ricky Martin owns a beautiful Villa, and the brad pitt come here on holiday with all his numerous family.

In my time here did the Roman poet Catullus, the famous Kafka and Oscar Wilde.

Today, Garda is a world – class resort: beautiful beaches, luxurious restaurants and hotels of the highest class. Garda offers its tourists climbing and windusrfing, the opportunity to go under sail, in order to fully enjoy the beauty of the Italian resort.

How to reach lake Garda

One of the advantages of the Garda lake is its proximity to major cities: Milan, Venice, and Milan. Just half an hour you will be able to get to any of them. If you arrive in one of the major airports, you can book a transfer to lake Garda, especially if you are traveling with your family or a large company of friends.

How to get to lake Garda from Verona

From Verona to lake Garda can easily be reached by constantly supervising the bus. But if you want no one to depend on, then You better take a car rental. TansferMilane will help You to choose the most convenient way to travel, and will gladly take you to any corner of Italy. 

Attractions of lake Garda

Want to have a calm walk? Enjoy the beautiful scenery? Villa Pergola with a long history will be a great place where you can be alone with his thoughts. The Museum of Ethnography and the Museum of Napoleon ready to talk about the history and culture of their country.

You want a more active holiday? It offers more than ten diving centres and just a half hour drive to the ski resorts of Malcesine.

For lovers of more exotic holiday Garda offers a visit to Parco Natura Vivaа inhabited by jaguars, zebras, tigers and rhinos! Let the holiday on lake Garda will give You unforgettable emotions!

These 5 things should definitely do when visiting Garda

  1. Make photo on the memory Cape of Punta San vigilio, which offers stunning views.
  2. Feel like a real hermit, in a cabin in the mountains near Verona.
  3. Visit the factory Cisano del Garda, where the olive oil Museum and get acquainted with the process of its manufacture.
  4. Be sure to go on a unique Dolphin show in the Gardaland Park.
  5. To try Limoncello, the local liqueur made from lemons that will amaze you with a aroma and unforgettable taste on a hot day.

The company TransferMilane will be your partner and help you spend your vacation in comfort. Italy is a magical country, and visiting it once, You will want to come back!



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