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Planning a vacation in Italy with kids? Worried that You'll have no place to spend time with the whole family? For today's children to be the best vacation will be rides, playgrounds and parks, as well as the opportunity to go on excursions to nearby cities. Italy is a country where you will find sandy beaches, fully equipped with changing cabins, parasols and sun loungers. As well as a huge number of amusement parks where you can spend time with the whole family.

5 popular amusement parks where you can relax with children


Who among us has not dreamed of going to Disneyland? So Mirabilandia is absolutely nothing he is not inferior to any in magnitude, or the number of entertainment. More than 30 different rides, acrobats, ice theatre or performance on the water. Believe me remain happy both adults and children!


A huge water Park, with a dizzying slides and pools for all ages. Daily at the gate of the Park you are welcome, just a giant whale, which enjoys new visitors.


Theme Park, which is located on the shores of lake Garda. Gardaland will give you many memorable experiences a child of any age. Here you can find entertainment for the kids in the play areas and adventure labyrinths, as well as video games for any taste. Adults will be able to enjoy the descent on the water with obstacles and other driving games.

4.Rainbow MagicLand

Rainbow MagicLand, built near Rome is a real magic. Castles of fairies, brave heroes and evil villains Wyswietla majestically among a huge number of the newest attractions. Entertainment for children and adults, everyone will find something to your liking.


Unusual Park, divided into five thematic zones. Only here you will find the City of Cowboys and will be able to meet with these bandits of the seas on the Shores of Pirates. In Minitalia Leolandia are always some ideas, and you never know what fairy tale will be in the moment.

Give your children a real fairy tale. The company TransferMilane will take You and Your kids to any amusement Park with the comfort or offer You a choice of a car, and you will be able to travel throughout Italy.

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