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Places that one should visit in Italy? Venice should be first on the list!

Magical and wondrous, ephemeral and entrancing Venice. The city of lovers, where you want to wander through the narrow and shabby streets, to whisper to each other of stupidity and constantly kiss. The city where time stops in the Piazza San Marco. The city, located in the top places to visit at least once in your life. Modern Venice is not only a perfect place for a honeymoon, but also a great vacation spot for any tourist. What tourists should know about Venice? It is a city monument, in which almost every building is a monument of art, where would you go, You will enjoy house of the Renaissance. No wonder almost all the old part of the city and the lagoon are part of UNESCO heritage.
Venice is a city on the water, constantly struggling for their survival. As she Venice is located on Islands, that every tourist should know that the planes were not landing. So to get to Venice, You will need to land on more solid ground. 

How to get to Venice?

Nearby there are two airports from which it will be convenient to get to Venice. The most convenient and simple way to reach destination from the airport transfer to Venice. It is very convenient if You are traveling with a small company or family with children. For a short time you will find yourself in Venice, where you can use a taxi with a Russian driver. If You want to have freedom of movement, it is better certainly to take a car rental, perhaps in the town car You need, then exploring the area the most. 
Venice is a city of a fairy tale and if you visit it, you should do 5 things that will stay with You for life.

5 things that should definitely do in Venice

1) to Explore the city by gondola, one of the most common vehicles in the city on the water, of course, prices may shock You, however you will remember for a lifetime gondola ride, from which you differently can look at Venice.
2) Stop for a moment in Piazza San Marco, in the heart of Venice, and to enjoy the beautiful sunset, the sounds of the flapping of the wings is extraordinarily brazen pigeons.
3) once you have reached San Marco square, you just have to get into the Doge's Palace where just a crazy turn. But believe me You will not regret it when you see the Palace, where more than a thousand years dwelt the rulers of Venice. It preserved the true greatness and the wealth of its rulers. The Doge's Palace is a whole Chapter in the history of Venice.
4) Visit any cafe with a view of the canal and enjoy a Cup of tea or Alperon Syringe, feeling at the same time a real Venetian.
5) and, of course, You should go for extremely colourful and amazing Venice carnival. Such an event will remain in Your memory for a lifetime.

To describe Venice endlessly, but words cannot describe how beautiful this city is. Making a list of places where you should go next year, don't forget to include Venice.

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